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“Government Survey and 100% verification with deep study of each land parcel’s history and ownership”, is why our clients choose to do business with us.

Buying land is a wonderful investment both for a business as well as those looking for lifestyle choices such as owning a farmhouse. The Lonavala region comes in 1% of the world’s bio hotspot and conditions are ideal to build an organic vegetable garden overlooking scenic mountains. The weather is mild year round with cool winters and beautiful monsoon. Even the summer's are not too hot. The region touches 2000 ft above sea level and the ancient volcanic Sahyadri mountain surrounds the valley providing scenic views and clean air.

Clients looking for investment in land, “as one of the most scarce commodities that will never increase”, are also in high demand.

Having said that, buying land is a difficult process and buyers need to be aware of who owns the land, how many titles there are, whether the land is agricultural or NA, and does the seller have any outstanding loans. Apart from these, procuring the correct paperwork and checking what is allowed in the local area must also be known to build your dream project. Furthermore, arranging government surveys is a tedious task

Our established expertise and network provides us with know-how of the functioning of various government departments such as: forest, land surveying, land records, revenue,registration, gram panchayat, municipal bodies, and local police.

Our directors are retired senior commissioner level government officials who see a need in utilising their combined experience and knowledge to bring a thoroughly professional approach with research, paperwork and providing all CORRECT documentation to the buyer.

We provide dedicated services to assist prospective purchasers in identifying, evaluating and buying land in the Lonavala Maval region.

If you require total trust in buying land for a business or personal reason in the Lonavala region then please contact us!


  • Land Search
  • Agricultural and NA Land Sale
  • Government Surveying
  • Official Documentation Verification
  • Area Due Diligence
  • Fencing and Land Preparedness
  • Farm House Consultation
  • Construction and Related Services

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