Difficulties Buyers May Face

The lush green landscape of Lonavala has been forever inviting and a true paradise for investors of all types, specially from busy cities like Mumbai and Pune. Whether investors are seeking financial or lifestyle benefits, Lonavala has been delivering on every front. The demand and supply dynamic of land in Lonavala has kept all types of investors interested. So much so that A-listers and celebrities are even making their primary or second homes. It is an experience of a lifetime to buy your own land/property/second home in Lonavala but this can quickly turn into a nightmare even for the seasoned buyers, let alone new buyers as there are many hurdles one faces while buying land/property/home in Lonavala. Let us look at some of the hurdles faced by buyers while buying land/home/property in Lonavala:

Understanding the zones -

Land as we know can be used for a variety of purposes. Setting up factories, building homes, farming and much more. The buyers need to know and understand specifically what zone the land they plan to buy is designated for, otherwise future plans get adversely affected. The problem most buyers face is they buy the land with a certain intention in mind, example:- to make a second home but due to lack of information they end up buying land in an area designated for factory or commercial use. Imagine having a smoke chimney next to your holiday home. That won’t be a good sight!! The zones to understand are commercial, industrial, residential, agricultural, forestry and so on. Sometimes land need not be specifically designated for a purpose but due to local presence and constant RND our company will be able to assist in identifying the potential projects expected in and around the area.

Geographical hurdles

Lonavala is a beautiful landscape yet at the same time experiences many strong natural phenomena like extreme heavy rainfall which can lead to mudslides etc. Certain understanding of the geography such as slopes, accessibility, etc, are very important factors before buying. The property is always displayed to the buyer at its best. But knowing it at its worst is the hurdle we help our buyers cross.

Lack of planning

This is one of the hurdles as buyers sometimes lack clarity before buying land if they are buying to simply buy and sell or buy and hold or by develop and then hold/sell/rent. Not knowing suitable properties for each option can be a hurdle to the future prospects and end up being more expensive and less income for buyers.

Titles and documentation-

One of the biggest hurdles buyers face is getting into legal issues related to the property they buy. Before buying land/property one needs to verify if the titles are clear and property is marketable. Knowing it’s legal status is of foremost importance. The land must be in the name of the person selling the land to the buyer or at least the agent selling to the buyer should represent only such sellers. Release certificates, sale deeds, tax receipts, land land measuring documents, registration documents are a few examples of what's required to buy land/property which can if not done properly can get the buyer into a soup.

Maintenance and installation

Each area in the Lonavala locality is governed by different municipal or local gram panchayat. Having clear knowledge of how these work can help if building extension work needs to be carried out as well as rental prospects. Property also needs to be well maintained and in the case of land well fenced to keep the investment secure. Small matters such as, if rubbish collection is done or not can also make a difference in the quality of life an investor seeks in Lonavala. Making large purchases such as land/property should be a joy for any buyer but the documentation and possible legal issues can suck the fun out of this process. This is where we step in. For hassle free investment with complete clarity, please call us to fulfill your desire of owning a property in the Lonavala region.